Genetic modification with a twist!

Meristem Journeys has clearly and brilliantly described the use of CRISPR technology to improve plant genomes without inserting additional DNA as described in recent Nature article. Meristem Journeys’ blog post and the article itself are well worth a read.

Meristem Journeys

DNA editing has always been a controversial topic, with many countries around the globe, particularly in Europe, refusing to grow or import crops that have been genetically modified. General concerns range from risk of cross contamination of GM crops with non-GM plant species, to risks to human consumption of GM foods.

Many experiments have been run to test different outcomes and effects of genetically modified crops, to identify advantages and any disadvantages or risks to cultivating GM on a commercial scale. Several countries already grow a considerable amount of GM crops, though most of these crops are for animal feed or for use as biofuel, with the US, Argentina and Brazil as the biggest growers of GM.

Because of the concerns about GM, scientists are now trying to find other ways to manipulate plants in order to improve crop production. And we might have a possible solution.

A team in South Korea, led…

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