How To: Determine Your Soil Texture

We are very excited to publish our first ‘How To’ information sheet:

How to – Determine Your Soil Texture

Knowing your soil texture will better inform your watering and fertilising regimes, helping your plants and helping you save water and fertiliser at the same time.

Soil texture is the foundation of soil structure – the interaction of the different soil particles you will measure when determining your soil texture. While soil texture cannot be altered, soil structure can be improved. Improving your soil structure will reduce the negatives of sand or clay textured soils.

Our next information sheet will explain the interaction of soil particles to form soil structure and in turn explain how to improve your soil structure.

Happy reading and happy science-based gardening!

Note: The PDF file appears as expected in browser-based and open source PDF viewers. In at least one version of Adobe Acrobat the logo and text are distorted (but still easily readable) and appears as expected when printed.


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