Getting paper

Here is a great post about some amazing research in synthetic biology and disease detection.


I don’t spend enough time talking about the field of molecular biology- which is a shame, because that’s where all the big players are hanging out as of late. I suppose I should check out the commotion.

Imagine a world where you can detect your blood for Ebola by taking a small sample of sera and adding it to a piece of paper ! It sounds like something from Star Trek, doesn’t it ! Given enough time, science eventually catches up to the fiction. In this case, Dr. Keith Pardee and the fine scholars at the Wyss Institute of Biological Inspired Engineering in Boston are doing excellent work on what they call ” Paper-Based synthetic Gene Networks” (1).

Synthetic Gene Circuits

These are the biology equivalent of an electrical sensor. It is an artificial arrangement of genes capable of: sensing an input, analyzing the input and converting it into a…

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